Quota Collect

Quench in our hearts, O Lord, all fires of selfishness,
Unfold to us the joys of true friendship,
Open our minds to a better understanding of service,
Teach us the real meaning of sharing,
And help us to hold high those principles of Quota for which we stand
-1942 Quota International, Inc.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Have you wondered how to become a Quota member?
What is required?
Are there dues?
Do I have to attend all the meeting?
Why do you need new member?

Well, if you have wondered about becoming a member, everyone is welcome.  You can check us out by being our guest one night.  We would be happy to have you and will even treat you to dinner.

We really have no requirments.  We just hope you are joining to to help be of service to our community.  With all of our events and meetings there is always something for someone to do.

Yes there are dues.  We are required by the International organizations to pay a club membership.  We help to pay this with our membership. We pay our dues at the end of every year. Check us out to find out what our current yearly dues are.

No, you do not have to attend all the meetings.  We have business and program meetings most months.  We would like you to attend meetings but we are also aware that we all have so much going on.  Kids, 2 jobs, other organizations or even work schedules can affect you coming.  We understand, because right now those are all things our members dealing with.

Why do we need new members?  Why not?  New members bring new ideas.  New members bring a refreshed look at things.  New members can help our older members with our events. NEW MEMBERS MEAN NEW FRIENDS!!  And who couldn't use more friends!

We hope you will think about joining our group!  WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU!!!!!