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Quench in our hearts, O Lord, all fires of selfishness,
Unfold to us the joys of true friendship,
Open our minds to a better understanding of service,
Teach us the real meaning of sharing,
And help us to hold high those principles of Quota for which we stand
-1942 Quota International, Inc.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Quota Cares Month

March is Quota Cares Month.  Each Quota club is challenged to do something for children or women during the month.  We in Lake County took on a few events.

(L-R) Karen Gridley(she is mostly cut off) Kathi Ross, Evelyn, Debby Lilly, Kay Hatala

 March 10th, several of us spent the day at Broadmoor School.  This school helps the special needs children.

We came up with a craft and helped them with it.  Played games, did puzzles and then had a snack.

Working on crafts.

We also put together bags for other students that could not be with us this day. 

Then on March 24th, we helped out at the Easter Egg hunt at the North Mentor Centenary Methodist Church.  This is one that we help out with every year.  Children get to come for the day and just have fun, see a puppet show, do crafts, pet service animals and get a picture with the Easter Bunny.

Puppet Show

The Easter Grass Sensory Room
 The funnest thing to see is watching the kids in the Sensory Easter grass room.  It is a classroom that is filled with Easter grass. They go in and just play in the grass.

Our last project was collecting children's books and donating them to Cops for Kids

Sunday, December 9, 2018

International Convention in Washington D. C.

July 10th - 14th 
Every 2 years, Quota International holds a convention.  All clubs from all over the world meet and take care of business.  This year we met in Washington D.C.

In our off time we are able to visit and tour the city:


 This year our club had a special reason to be there.  Our club president, Karen Gridley was installed as our 3rd Region 2 Director.

 Region 2 Director: Karen Gridley
All of the Regional Directors being installed.  The theme was the roaring 20's.

 Karen hosted a regional dinner at Catch 15

From our Region, our recent past director Brenda Cherry moved on to the Board of Directors:
Our new Board for the next 2 years.  Congratulations!

If Karen moved up to Reional Director, who is the Lake County Club President?
Thank you to Kay Hatala for stepping into the role of Club President!
(L to R) Kay Hatala, Brenda Cherry, Karen Gridley

2018 Scholarships

In June, we handed out scholarships again this year.
4 - $1,000 scholarships were handed out to local students
Kay Hatala (far left), Karen Gridley(next to Kay) and Dick Stadel(far right) presented the scholarships.

Your hosts, Karen & Dick

Getting 2018 up to date

It has been one busy year, so catching up on what has been going on in Lake County.

Once again we held our annual Chinese Auction.  We had a change of location this year.  We were at the Perry High School Gymnasium.  Another great event, lost of baskets, raffles, friends that showed up.  Food was provided by the Perry Cheerleaders.

Georgia and Linda chilling

special raffle items
Club table tickets $2/each
Barb and Jan at the 50/50 table
Marla getting things organized

Food collection for local food banks

Ready for all the lucky winners to arrive

See you in 2019: Friday, April 26th.  We will be at the Riverside High School Field House.