Quota Collect

Quench in our hearts, O Lord, all fires of selfishness,
Unfold to us the joys of true friendship,
Open our minds to a better understanding of service,
Teach us the real meaning of sharing,
And help us to hold high those principles of Quota for which we stand
-1942 Quota International, Inc.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fairy Gardens

One of the Fairy Gardens made

This year we tried something new.  Fairy Gardens.  Everyone got to make a garden.  All proceeds went to our service budget.

Chinese Auction

This was our best one ever.    If you missed it you missed a wonderful time!
Our Auction raises money for our Service budget and a big part of that is our scholarships.

At the Auction

Christmas Gathering

Every December our meeting is our Christmas Party.  Held at one of our members home, it is a great night to just enjoy each others company.