Quota Collect

Quench in our hearts, O Lord, all fires of selfishness,
Unfold to us the joys of true friendship,
Open our minds to a better understanding of service,
Teach us the real meaning of sharing,
And help us to hold high those principles of Quota for which we stand
-1942 Quota International, Inc.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


On June 8th we hosted a pot luck picnic for our scholarship recipients.  It is a great evening of food, fun and fellowship!

We were at Concord Woods in Concord, Ohio.  Ham and all the accompaniments.  Nobody leaves hungry.  Our students and family come and enjoy an evening with us.  It is also a great evening for our family members to come and share in our evening.  They are our backbone.  They allow us to give our time helping others!!

This year we gave 4 - $1000 and 2 - $500 scholarships.  We also were honored to give an additional $1000 scholarship in honor of Austin Stadel.  It was presented by his son Dick Stadel.
Money raised from our Chinese Auction supports the scholarships.  We THANK YOU for your support that allows us to do this!